Ok… Beer, drunk guys in wrestling singlets… does it get better?

I’m not quite sure if these guys are getting ready to wrestle or they’ve just finished.  Based on the bone workin’ in the one guys singlette they may have just finished.

You gotta love the young wrestler dudes…

This is the kind of stuff I’d live to happen upon in high school.  All the raging hormones and testosterone.  It’s this kinda stuff that makes ya gay ma!  Not cooking or dancing!


No wonder Hillary stuck with you! Great "job" Monica!

It musta’ been the motion of the boat…  No really!

Purely gratuitous!

Flat out hottness!

Umm… I know there are no packages to be seen in this shot, but I just couldn’t resist the post.  Pure hottness!

I’ll do that from time to time 🙂

Star Trek Hottie Chris Hine

I knew when I saw Chris Pine Star Trek gettin’ busy with that green chic, that this guy’s got some serious basket goin’ on.  And boy does he!  Doesn’t hurt that he’s a sexy fucker too!


This is so friggin’ sexy!

Came across this when surfin a UK site called me-me-me.tv .  Could this be sexier?!  Is Josh Thompson’s hand now going to reach down and grab the famous Robbie Keane bulge?

Daniel Craig’s Got Basket

Daniel Craig Bulge

Justin Timberlake has always been a favorite of mine.