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No wonder Hillary stuck with you! Great "job" Monica!

It musta’ been the motion of the boat…  No really!

Star Trek Hottie Chris Hine

I knew when I saw Chris Pine Star Trek gettin’ busy with that green chic, that this guy’s got some serious basket goin’ on.  And boy does he!  Doesn’t hurt that he’s a sexy fucker too!


Daniel Craig’s Got Basket

Daniel Craig Bulge

Justin Timberlake has always been a favorite of mine.

Zac Efron Got Basket! Who’da thought?!

Zac Efron Got Basket

I used to be like… who’s this little punk strutting around like he’s… but then a few years later he’s all grown up and shall we say, “filled out”.  Dang

Jake Gyllenhaal

 Ah Jakey-poo…  Not only do you have the looks , but damn!  Great basket.  And god bless the creator of linen pantes!

Andy Roddick


Ahh the Package…

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by “the package”, “the basket”, “the bulge”.  I don’t know why.  From as early as grade school, I have been drawn to guys neither regions.  Jeans so tight you can tell their religion.  I guess having grown up in the 80’s (the era of skin-tight pants) I have come to appreciate the bulge.  I have grown to spot a good package from a mile away.  My friends tell me that they never used to look at packages until they met me.  And the it becomes a curse (in a good way).  A trip to the gym is not just a good work out, but an adventure!

There is nothing sexier or sexual than a great basket.  Some guys put them out there on purpose.  Some guys don’t even realize what they’ve got going on (my favorites :). 

The package is an excercise in less is more.  In an age of putting all your junk out there on the internet, it’s nice to just gaze upon the unexposed junk and let the imagination run wild as to what it contains.

This blog has been created to celebrate the package.  It’s a collection of pictures both scoured from the internet and taken on the street, at the gym and anywhere else a great bulge presents itself.

Feel free to offer up your own package pics.